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Do Your Builders Take Health And Safety Seriously?

A building site can be a dangerous place, however, if correct precautions are taken and procedures followed your home can be transformed safely so that both contractors and customers are protected. At Lelliotts we take health and safety extremely seriously. We have compiled a list of five key safety elements that you can look out for and should expect from your contractors.

Order and Security

Forklift-Truck-Sign | Lelliotts EnterprisesBuilders have a responsibility to create a safe work place and it is essential that they are always sensible and vigilant around machinery and equipment. The site should be kept organised and well maintained. It should be clearly sign posted highlighting any hazards and dangerous areas. It is also important that fall protection is provided in the form of guardrails or safety nets if working from a height, not only for the safety of the workers but customers alike.


Workers Wellbeing

Obviously, the wellbeing of workers is extremely important in any industry, especially when it comes to achieving the best results. It is important that workers have sanitary washing, drinking and time out facilities, particularly for builders who work in all types of weather conditions.

Handle with Care

Moving materials and apparatus around a building site both manually and mechanically is a necessity and is often overlooked when it comes to risks. However, both forms of lifting require employee training, especially when it comes to operating machinery, so you should always expect to see these actions being executed in a safe and proficient manner on your land.

Suitable Work Wear

Construction-Helmet | Lelliotts EnterprisesBuilders must wear the correct clothing. This may seem obvious, however, so many builders suffer major injuries due to the lack of suitable attire on site. First and foremost, you should expect to see workers wearing protective footwear to guard against sharp items, heavy falling objects or machinery. Depending on the job being carried out, in most cases, hard hats are a requirement. These minimise risk of head injuries caused by falling objects, especially when working on and around scaffolding. Hats should be checked for cracks and indentations, they should fit comfortably but tight enough to stay on while working.

High Visibility wear is normally expected to be worn on construction sites that have heavy moving vehicles operating, this will ensure workers are visible to drivers at all times. If eye or face wear protection is required, it should fit well and not be a distraction. It is also important that there are no visible signs of distress on the eye wear, for example scratches or cracks; if they are damaged in any way, replacement is required.

What should you Expect?

A contractor should be able to show you, the customer, that they have the skills and expertise needed to carry out a job safely, taking the correct steps to avoid risks. The building workforce should all be trained and act professionally carrying out work in a way that complies with health and safety guidelines. You should expect builders to also carry out a survey of the property so that there is time to plan and identify any potential risks and hazards ahead of time. You should always feel comfortable talking to the contractors about any concerns you may have during the building process, especially when it comes to the conduct of the workforce that you have hired to deliver wonderful results on something so important as a home.

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