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Do I Need Planning Permission To Convert My Garage Into A Room?

Is your garage an unused space that has become a hoarder’s paradise with a compilation of unwanted items and castoffs? If so, converting your garage into a room could be the perfect solution to not only add value to your home but give you that extra living space without having the stress of house hunting.

We are happy to report that planning permission is not usually necessary for a job like this to be carried out unless you plan to enlarge your home or modify it structurally. You should not need planning to convert the space into a gym or home office, but if you are turning your garage into a liveable space such as a dwelling, you will need planning permission, due to fire regulations. Planning permission may also be necessary if you live in a conservation area, listed building or in a new development, so it is important to consider any regulations before planning.

Transform Your Room Today

No matter the size of the garage, it has the potential to be transformed into a room that you desire. At Lelliotts we have a few ideas for you to consider when converting your garage into a room that you can be proud of.

Home Gym

Dumbbell | Lelliotts EnterprisesConverting your garage into a home gym can get you on your way to that summer body. Having a gym in your home means you can plug in your speakers, listen to your own music and exercise at your own pace while avoiding those gym fanatics and expensive membership fees.

Expand the Kitchen

If your garage connects to the kitchen, removing the wall between could allow for a greater amount of space. Give your kitchen that modern feel by converting it into a kitchen/dining or kitchen/living area, ideal for special occasions and entertaining. Another fantastic way to expand your kitchen area is to convert the garage space into a utility room, perfect for all your domestic needs. The kitchen area is always the hub of activity within the home and a crucial factor for many when looking to buy.

Bathroom or Shower Room

Hearing that alarm clock in the morning and getting ready for work on time can be stressful enough, without a fight with your family for the bathroom. Turning your garage into a downstairs bathroom could be the solution to avoiding the early morning mayhem.

Home Office

Home-Office | Lelliotts EnterprisesIf you work from home you could consider turning your single garage into an office. Finally have a place where you can escape the noise and have your own space to concentrate with no distractions; feel motivated and organised.

Spare Bedroom

Having a spare bedroom in your home is always a bonus, it allows you to have space for friends and family to have a comfortable stay whilst visiting.

These are just some of the many ways you can stop your garage from becoming a wasted space in your home. If your garage is unused and in need of some tender love and care, converting it into a room you love will be an asset not only to you but to the value of your home. Contact us for a friendly chat about your garage conversion ideas.

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